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When should I water my plants?

Separate your production area from your visual amenity areas as their water requirements should differ.Your vegetable patch will require regular water to maintain production and quality. Harvesting usable produce is most important, maximising fruit size and quantity.

Your visual amenity garden can be designed to thrive on natural rainfall (xeriscaping). Harvesting and applying additional water in sync with your seasonal conditions extends your range of plants. To maximise water use efficiency in winter dominant rainfall areas, avoid plants that require additional summer water.

Choosing annuals that respond to your natural seasonal cycles will require no extra water! Annual daisies grow over the late Autumn - early Winter months and flower in early Spring.  They come up, from seed held in the soil, after the first rains in late Autumn and flourish, making use of the natural cycle of winter rainfall.

Is the cost of installing a rainwater tank justified?

To minimise the cost per litre of water, install the largest tank you can afford.

Even small tanks can be very cost effective if they are used in a manner that provides capture of each subsequent shower of rain. Capture your water and use it! Water captured and subsequently used, will be many times the capacity of your tank over a year.
   back garden                   tank_set_up

Above Right: Retro-fitted pipe work to allow the use of water from the top of the tank only, keeping a secure store of water below for other purposes.